H2O WORKS Garden Hose Nozzle Thumb Control

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  • Patent watering patterns - Mist and ShowerNever before soft and powerful misty spray offer fine water drops for delicate flowers and at the same time spraying further to where arms cannot reach. The real rain shower spray centralized the water flow to where we want water to be. Saving time and water on chore; saves the unnecessary water wasted.
  • Heavy Duty ConstructionThis H2O WORKS nozzle is made of premium metal zinc alloy and the body is powder-coated for rust proof. This garden hose spray gun is much more durable and robust than any other plastic nozzles. This spray nozzle also has a high quality anodized finish to prevent rust, corrosion and wear.
  • Exceptional and Ergonomic Work Design】H2O WORKS water hose nozzle be thumb control turns spray on and off and adjusts water flow too. features soft foam for easy and comfortable grip. The pistol grip handle is coated with TPR rubber for slip-resistant and comfortable to hold.
  • Fits All Standard Garden Hoses】6 way Spray Patterns, to change patterns simply twist the nozzle. Can be easily attach/detach from all standard garden hoses. Perfect for garden watering, lawn, grass, and flower beds, seedling etc. Also perfect for car washing, deck, driveway cleaning, dogs pets washing
  • Your Satisfaction 100%】The metal garden hose thumb control nozzle Backed by H2O WORKS limited 12-Month Quality Promise. All of our products are tested and loved stand behind our products. perfect for watering your garden, lawn, flower beds, washing the car, window cleaning or showering dogs and pets.

H2O WORKS specialized in Lawn and Garden Watering Equipments for decades.

We do not only design the products by our own but also actually manufacturing them in our own factory. we are committed to creating high-quality and durable products according to customers' needs and our own innovative thinking.

Since its inception, we have provided the best solutions for our customers in household irrigation field and we continue to serve customers with better technology base and advanced watering supplies for next decade.

H2O WORKS Garden Hose Thumb Control Spray Nozzle 

Different from the other nozzles in the market, this sprayer is made of heavy duty zinc ally metal, which assures a longer service life.


The soft TPR rubber handle with ergonomic design and the thumb control function make your work more comfortable and convenient.


With the 6 watering patterns -- Included Innovative design mist patterns (1 hose nozzle with 3 mist patterns)

Perfect for watering your garden, lawn, flower beds, driveway cleaning, window cleaning or deck, also can...


  • Watering plants

What a happy life, water the plants, take the hose nozzle, change patterns simply twist the hose sprayer.

  • Washing car

When your cars get dirty, take the hose nozzle, it's features soft foam for easy and comfortable grip wash cars with your family.

  • Bathing a pet

The garden hose nozzle it's soft and powerful misty spray offer fine water drops, take care of the special member, bathe them, let them grow up healthily.

Provided the best solutions for our customers in household irrigation field


 Box Size: 8.46x 5.31x 3.07 INCH

 Weight: 0.85 LB

 Material: Zinc Ally, TPR, ABS

 Package Includes:

 Water hose Thumb Control sprayer nozzle x 1

 Connect to all types garden hoses

 6 way Spray Patterns: Shower, Soaker, Cone, Flat, Mist, Jet

 Innovative design - 3 Mist patterns

This nozzle garden hose sprayer features 3 mist patterns. Water sprays out from the 3 mist function holes at the same time that gives very powerful yet soft water mist flow to make sure every tiny place is covered.