H2O WORKS Expandable Garden Hose 25FT Expandable to 50FT

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  • Expands up to 2 times This blue garden hose begins at a length of 25 FT expandable to 50 FT. The hose expands to 2 times its original length when ample pressure is available at the spigot than returns in seconds to its original compact length after the water is out.
  • Lightweight and Portable Weight just 1.38 lb, the high density fabric woven jacket super lightweight, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant made. Fits standard faucet (male coupling) and garden hose nozzle (female coupling). Perfect for women and kids to enjoy outdoor fun.
  • Flexible and easy to use hose High water pressure up to 300 PSI and heavy duty fabric reinforcement. Flexible, Lightweight, Expandable water hose will never tangle, twist, or kink. Perfect for garden watering, lawn, grass, and flower beds also perfect for car washing, deck, driveway cleaning, dogs pets washing.
  • Crush-resistant aluminum coupling】 This Expandable garden hose patented coupling was built for heavy duty jobs for home garden and professional use. Both ends of the metal fittings offers tight seal to the hose for leakage proof and anti-skid protection and anti-corrosion.
  • Your Satisfaction 100% The premium expand garden hose by H2O WORKS limited 12-Month quality promise. All of our products are tested and loved stand behind our products. perfect for watering your garden, lawn, flower beds, washing the car, window cleaning or showering dogs and pets.

H2O WORKS specialized in lawn and garden watering equipment for decades. It could be easily recognized in the local retailer stores and online shops. We do not only design the products by our own but also actually manufacturing them in our own factory. Through decades of experiences, we have provided the best solutions for our customers in household irrigation field and we continue to serve customers with better technology base and advanced watering supplies for next decade.

What made of material


  • Patented aluminum Coupling

Patented coupling was built for heavy duty jobs for home garden and professional use.

  • Natural latex tube hose

High flexible double color with a 1.75 mm wall, uses water pressure to expand when filled with water.

  • Dacron woven fabric

The hose is covered by 1200 D Dacron woven polyester super flexible it can protect the latex core.

Why is the 2X expandable hose so durable?


  • Crush-resistant and Anti-corrosion

Both ends of the metal fittings offers tight seal.

  • Dacron Fabric with a 33G/mm thick

More protect the core than 3X expansion hose.

  • Won’t knot or kink

Provides you with a hose that will not be kinked, knotted, tangled or curled when in use.

  • All Weather Resistant

Extreme all weather flexibility from -4°F ~ 140°F, for lasting seasons after seasons of tough uses.

Take with you!

  • 2X expandable hose takes up such a small space and it will be convenient and easy to use and fun in camp.
  • Superior flexible and lightweight won't scratch the surfaces of your boat.
  • If you have a portable pool get the kids outside and away from their devices for some outdoor fun.
  • H2O WORKS expandable Garden hose trails behind you beautiful, easily, putting the hose away is a snap with no tuning required.
  • Pressure can be affected by other water sources in your home or neighborhood.

Enjoy Beautiful Life with Gardening

Your just need the right tools at the right time.

This hose with anti-kink technology that prevents kinking. Don’t let your hose hold you back from a job well done.

Outside job is easy and quick


  • Watering for garden lawn and flower beds
  • Car washing fun
  • Showering the pets

Using a nozzle is recommended to maintain pressure.


 Fireman's Style Spray Nozzle

Constructed of brass, aluminum, stainless steel and a comfort TPR for a tough and durable that's easy to grip and adjust.


Heavy Duty Garden Hose Nozzle

The hose nozzle holder features a smart trigger locking clip at the top handle that keeps the water flowing without applying any pressure.


Thumb Control Spray Hose Nozzle

Adjustable watering patterns hose nozzle be thumb control turns spray on and off and adjusts water flow too.

H2O WORKS garden high pressure hose is for heavy duty jobs for home garden and professional use. this expandable garden hose is perfect whether you’re a farmer growing a strong harvest or a hands-on contractor building the future brick by brick. Frequently used with spraying attachments such as nozzles, sprayers, and sprinklers.


Size: 10 x 8.46 x 2.56 Inch

Net Weight: 1.38 LB

Material: Latex, Aluminum, Dacron

UV and All Weather Resistant for Lasting Seasons

All weather flexibility from -4°F ~ 140°F

With a burst strength of 280~300 PSI

High pressure hose patented coupling was built

Made it easier to maneuver around your home, deck, driveway cleaning and garden.

Get just the right amount of hydration or cleaning with every spray.

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