H2O WORKS Heavy Duty 21 Inch Watering Wand

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  • Patent watering patterns - Mist and Shower】 Never before soft and powerful misty sprayer wand offer fine water drops for delicate flowers and at the same time spraying further to where arms cannot reach. The real rain shower spray wand nozzle centralized the water flow to where we want water to be. Saving time and water on chore; saves the unnecessary water wasted.
  • Heavy Duty Built to Last】The adjustable garden hose sprayer wand is constructed of zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, aluminum and TPR for a tough and durable that's easy to grip and adjust. This hose sprayer nozzle wand also has a high quality anodized finish to prevent rust, corrosion and wear.
  • Ergonomic Work Design】Heavy duty metal watering wand is a powerful nozzle with the ergonomic help to water flowers where hands can not reach provides effortless comfortable spraying. The pistol grip is coated with TPR rubber for slip-resistant and comfortable to hold and a smart trigger locking clip at the handle bottom that keeps the water flowing without applying any pressure to make all your watering needs a breeze.
  • Easy to Operate】Fits to all water garden hose, 21 inch it’s long enough to easily water hanging baskets or wash the top of our SUV, suitable for car washes, patio cleaning, driveway washing, deck cleaning. This garden hose sprayer wand is lightweight which is also for all women and teenager to perform watering tasks, pet showers, garden and lawn watering.
  • Refund Without Return】If there is a problem with the quality, just email us and provide an image of the issue, so we can improve our products in the future. In most cases, it will not be necessary to return the product.

Why choose H2O WORKS as your irrigation partners? 

H2O WORKS specialized in lawn and garden watering equipments for decades.

We do not only design the products by our own but also actually manufacturing them in our own factory. we are committed to creating high-quality and durable products according to customers' needs and our own innovative thinking.

since its inception, we have provided the best solutions for our customers in household irrigation field and we continue to serve customers with better technology base and advanced watering supplies for next decade.

Essential To Proper Watering Practices Tool is the Water Sprayer Wand

H2O WORKS specially design the soft, extra fine shower, which is included in this multi-pattern water nozzle. The very fine and larger Mist is also good for watering orchid.

6 way spray patterns: Shower, Soaker, Cone, Flat, Mist, Jet

Easy to Operate.

You can use the FLAT to pressure wash the debris off the patio. or use the JET to water things across the yard. or use the SOAKER to water potted plants. or use the SHOWER to water the lawn. or use the 3 MIST patterns to water flowerbeds and seedbeds.


  • Heavy Duty Built

The adjustable sprayer wand is constructed of zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, aluminum and TPR, to prevent rust, corrosion and wear.

  • Ratcheting Head Adjust

The ratcheting head rotates 90~120 degrees, this spray wand does the entire garden effortlessly making for a highly versatile product.

  • Easy to Operate

Easy adjustment of water flow can be done with the lever grip; a smart trigger locking clip at the handle bottom that keeps the water flowing without applying any pressure and hose washer mesh for filtering the clogged dirt to make all your watering needs a breeze.

  • Innovative design

This nozzle garden hose sprayer features 3 mist patterns. Water sprays out from the 3 mist function holes at the same time that gives very powerful yet soft water mist flow to make sure every tiny place is covered.

You have never need to use any other watering tool in your garden and home also your hand won't tire, easy to operate.

We truly believe that good craftsmanship depends on use of the right tools. In H2O WORKS, we provide many efficient and yet useful watering equipments for our users in hose nozzles, pressure nozzle for water hose, garden water hose spray nozzle, sprinklers, hose accessories, garden soaker hose, heavy duty garden hose, and etc.


Box Size: 16.0x 6.5x 3.15 INCH

Weight: 1.32 LB

Material: Zinc Alloy, Aluminum Alloy, Aluminum, TPR

Package Includes:

21 Inch Adjustable Garden Hose Water Sprayer Wand x 1

Connect to all types garden hoses

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Kathy baureis

Oring does not stay sealed so it leaks